Saturday, April 3, 2010

Step 3: Designing the Glog: Adding Decoration

A poster is often made more interesting by the supporting decoration that is included with all of the content. Decorations, or graphics, can fill space, add to the theme, look cool and connect certain types of media, they are also great for adding links to the glog.

Anyway, you can add decorations by first going to the 'Magnet Tool' to the top button called "Graphics" which will open a window with all of the different kinds of graphics that you can add.

The graphics are preloaded and sorted into categories but I encourage searching all if you do not have anything specific in mind, you never know what you will find in different categories. Simply chose a graphic and click the "Use It!" button to publish the graphic to your glog. Like other types of media the edu.glogster has a specific section of graphics that are only on the edu version. In the edu version there are academic themed graphics, including some for specific content areas such as math and science.

Also, don't be turned off by the color or size, those are two things that you can change through the edit bar after you have published the graphic. If you are interested you can learn how to use the edit bar in a different blog.


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