Friday, April 2, 2010

Step 3: Designing the Glog: Adding Audio

One type of media that can be utilized in a glog is audio, be it music or narration. All you have to do is go over to the 'magnet tool' and click the sound button. This causes a window to pop up showing your audio options. Now, there really isn't any audio preloaded, unfortunately, like other media can be but you do have the option of uploading audio from you computer, getting it from a url link or 'grab'-bing it, which is how you can do narration yourself as it utilizes a microphone connected to your computer and allows you to record sound.

Before you click the "Use It!" button remember that you have the option of adding a player to your audio. If you chose not to add a player the audio will show up simply as a small round button with a play or pause sign depending on if the audio is playing or not. Anyway, click the "Add A Player' button and you will be redirected to a window with all sorts of audio players that you can add.

Once you have chosen your player, whichever one suits your glog, you can click the "Use It!" button and the audio will be published to your glog.

Remember that you have the option of editing your audio, if you haven't already you can learn how to use the edit bar by viewing a previous blog [or clicking the link]. However, know that with audio you have the option of having it play automatically when the glog is loaded or having it play only when clicked, you can get to this option through the fx button on the edit bar.


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