Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Step 3: Designing the Glog: Adding Images

Adding Images

One type of media that you can add is images, or pictures. Simply go to the "IMAGE" tab on the "Glog Tool" and you will be confronted with two options. You can choose the "My Pictures" link on the left of the screen which will lead you to a screen where you can choose to upload pictures from your computer, load pictures from a website [google images is great for this] or grab a picture from your webcam. You also have the option of browsing the "tinypics" database, which is a database that you can access through glogster that you can search for images based on keywords and then use one the you find.

Before you click the "Use It" button to add the image to your glog, consider adding a frame for your picture. Once you have chosen an image you have the option of "Add a Frame," a button located above the "Use It" button. This will take you to the "Frames" tab in the "IMAGE" section of the "Glog Tool" where you can choose a frame, either from the entire database of frames or from specific categories or themes that the database is divided into. Once you have a frame, if you want it, you can publish your image to your glog by clicking on the "Use It" button.

Once the image is published you have the option of changing certain aspects of it using the edit bar. See a previous posting on how to use the edit bar if you are curious but keep in mind that you can change colors of things if they do not fit to a theme.


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