Sunday, March 21, 2010

Step 4: Saving/Publishing Your Post

During the process of making your glog you are welcome to save it. In order to save it you have to "publish" your blog but by setting the glog to private no one but you can view it so you can come back and edit it while not showing an unfinished product. You save the glog in the same way that you would publish it, by going to the top or the bottom of the glog page and click the button "save and publish."

When you click the button a window will open that will allow you to name your glog. If you do not name it then the name will be set to a default name but you can change it later in editing. You will also be given the option of putting you glog into a category, from 'school' to 'love' to 'not set.' Once you have chosen a category you can go to the right hand of the window and set whether the glog should be public or private, if you set it to public then any glogster user will be able to view it so keep that in mind. If you are just saving the glog make sure to set it to private until you have it to a point where you want others to see it. Also note that you do not have to set it to public. You can set it to private and let others see it by providing the link or embedding it into an appropriate site.

Click the "Save" button and you will be directed to the next, and final, window:

At this point your glog has been published and this screen gives you the option of copying the link or embed code to you glog in order to share it. Glogster also has a good relationship with several popular social networking sites, including twitter and facebook, so you can share your glog on those sites if you are a member. You are given the option, at the end, to view the glog, continue editing or going back to your dashboard so that you can view all of your work.


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