Saturday, March 20, 2010

What you can use glogster for, in the classroom.

There are many different kinds of blogs that you can make, or rather have your students make if you are a teacher and are using edu.glogster.

You can make a glog to represent who you are, use pictures, words, descriptions and the such to visually represent who you are to another person. This would be a great introduction activity for students to introduce themselves in a new class.

You can also make instructional glogs if you want to teach something, using pictures, steps, tutorial or supporting videos and the such. Instructional glogs would be a great new way to present information to students, as an introduction to the material or as a review of the material. You can even have students make them as a review of the material, it would be a great way to reinforce the material for them, finding supportive pictures and videos.

What glogs would seem most useful for, though, is a visual presentation tool for the students to present certain material, perhaps as something to do in a project, group or individual. You can even have the students make a commercial glog in order to sell something, which is a great activity for many content areas.


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