Monday, March 22, 2010

Step 3: Designing the Glog - Using the Edit Bar

Once any sort of media is published to your glog it will show up in the middle of the glog and you can drag it to where you want it to be. You have the option of editing your media, be it a picture, video, graphic or audio player. Simply click on the media then click on the edit button that appears on the bar at the top right corner. You also have the option of deleting the media by clicking the trash button, the backspace button will not delete it. The edit button will not allow you to actually do anything to the image, like crop it, video or audio but it will cause another bar to pop up.

The edit bar you see to the right is what will allow you to change some aspects of the media, the frame for the pictures and videos or the audio player for music. By clicking the color button you can change the color of the frame, player or graphic if you want to, though sometimes media takes color in a weird way, like painting particle board. The color of an image or video will not change, just to let you know, but you can change the color of the frames if you do not like them or they does not fit with the frame, so do not be turned off by the color when looking for a frame.

You can also add a link to the media, sort of like a hyperlink, so that when someone is viewing the glog they can click the media and be redirected to a different webpage. Linking is especially useful for educational glogs as you can link a picture instead of cluttering the glog with a lot of text. It can also act as a sort of exploration for the viewers, though they will be helped by by circles that pop up when they scroll over a linked image or graphic.

If there is text you can also change that by clicking the "Ab1" button, which will let you change the color, type and size of the text. It's pretty nifty for keeping everything in a certain theme or style. You can also explore changing the effects of the media with the "fx" button. It allows you to change the shadows of the media if you wish it to have a shadow of a specific depth or color. It can also be used to make a cool glow surround your media if you choose a color light enough.


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