Thursday, April 8, 2010

Step 2: Designing - Adding the background

Glog and Page Walls

So once you have your blank slate, the next thing you can do is change the background of the glog to suit you needs, sometimes graph paper just doesn't fit with a given theme.

So, using the black tool box, which I labeled the "Glog Tool".

You can
change the background of the glog by going to the bottom button on the tool box, "wall" and basically choosing a background, you are given several already loaded options or you can upload a picture of your own or a picture from a link on the internet. As you can see in the image in the top left of the window under the tab "glog wall" you can choose the "Gallery", "My Pictures" or "Solid Color". The "Gallery" has already loaded backgrounds of various images and the "Solid Color" has the option for you to simply choose a single color as the background. The "My Pictures" however, is a bit different as you will see:

The "Upload" button allows you to
choose a picture from your pictures on your computer, the "Link" button allows you to find an image on the internet and past the link and the glog will download the picture from the link, and the "Grab" button will allow you to take a picture using your webcam if you have one. You can will see these option again for adding pictures and videos so keep them in mind.

Once you have chosen a background for your glog wall you might want to add a page wall. It is only an option, the page wall only shows up when viewing the finished glog on the webpage, it disappears when you go to print, embed or show the glog elsewhere. The process for adding a page wall is the same as adding the glog wall, you just go to the tab, in the "wall" section of the "Glog Tool" labeled the "Page Wall" next to the tab for the "Glog Wall."